Welcome !
A short introduction of me here . I'm Bell, not a newbie here but it's been a while not get touch with it.


- About me 

Imagine 10 years after when myself read through my articles , I create this blog mainly for my own interest with passion , it's like a story book of me . Despite, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and lifestyle. So I named my blog as "Journal".

- Occupation
A full time Designer which specialist in Interior Design (residential & commercial) , Exhibition Design & Graphic as well.  There will be chances to sharing some knowledge on this in my blog in future.

- Myself
A Malaysian & staying in Kuala Lumpur. Basically love to learn new skills to upgrade myself , like bakery , flower wrapping ..etc (NEVER STOP LEARNING)

This blog 
- I share whatever I want to 
I know sometimes it's not easy to satisfy all the person in our life, but do me a favor , walk away if you having a bad intention on mind.

- I post short article as I can
traight to point , no nagging needed.

- Travel , Lifestyle , Food , Design , Product Review , Personal
You can find these categories in my blog , since I just starting up my blog, it might need some time to complete so stay tuned ! :) 

- 2 Languages
English & Chinese (mostly in English , but some article will be more suitable in Chinese)

- To readers

I'm appreciate the readers and will try to answer your questions as I can. I'm friendly , not to worry bout :)