Sunday, October 25, 2020 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269

The best thing of journal is we can keep all good memories and recap it at anytime.
2019 was the year I've been travel the most so far , never got time to update all of them but I really did planning to do it one by one....

One of my favorite spot on travel! THE THEME PARK 😊 
It was my valentine + 3rd anniversary gift trip from him.(yea he knows me :' ))
My travel date was consider a peak month and we have expected the crowd.
The ticket was purchased from the OFFICIAL WEBSITE . We also purchased the one time - express pass to skip the queue 
(I'm highly recommend to get express pass if you are travel here during peak season as we discovered most of the games will took 40min - 1hour+ for the queue )

Memories captured **

My Travelmate
Here's my travelmate & love one👦 
Choosing a right companion is so important in order to have great experience during the travel.
I'm lucky to have him all these years and he always trying to being best as a good partner .
We aren't perfect and sometime we did argue for some unexpected matters too , but we did learned from the mistake and make things better.

I miss the old days we can travel whenever we want to.
Hope the war on COVID can be end as soon as possible. 

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