Day-029 | I Miss Makcik Sambal Egg

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Was craving so much for mak cik malay food nearby my office and that’s made me decided to cook by myself 😛
So i was found a quite simple recipe from Youtube and you guys may take this recipe by clicking the below :

Fried the boiled egg until skin turns golden and crispy 🥚 
Now let’s go for the gravy part 

The last step is to put in the fried eggs and cook for few minutes until the gravy become more concentrated.

So far it’s consider taste good for the very first attempt.
At least I’ve proven myself that I can actually cook something more than instant noodles? Ahaha

MCO got my days like so inefficiently, especially my mood turns blue when I don’t have any idea what to do.
(Not kind of person can do nothing in a day)
Other than my work time I tried to fill in my time by doing research on some recipes, record down some of my days like what I’m doing now.
Recently started to do some work out to destress myself too. Mind seems to be out of control and completely made me feel disappointed on everything surrounds me. Probably need some time to figure out the problems and set my self free of these right.

*stay positive*


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