Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Been struggle for a while to decide which instant noodles should become my supper . Until I realize I have few pack of ichiran instant noodle that i bought from Japan.😍

The Steps

Your probably won't see any other language of instruction if you purchase it from Japan.

1 - Prepare 500ml of drinking water for the soup. 

2 - Cook the noodle for 3min for normal hardness
Btw it’s look like just a normal instant noodles ._.

3 - Turn the gas off and pour all the packages and mixed well 

4 - You may add additional ingredients as you want (egg , meat,seaweed)

Ending up with the outcome is so.... empty without char siew(meat) , seaweed , black fungus , and green onions.

The Taste

Let’s talk about the taste !
Hmm . It doesn’t surprise me ! All I can say the taste is completely different with the one that serve in restaurant. 
A little disappointed of the difference but the taste is actually still good. Just being told that there are another type of noodle which is the real ramen available for Ichiran instant noodle. 
For those who feel like trying ichiran instant noodles

I’ll suggesting you all to go for the ramen noodle instead of this. 🙊

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