Creme Brulee Recepi

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Hello readers , craving for some sweet tooth  ? You can make yummy dessert with little ingredients and it’s just took few steps to complete!

Ingredients amount at below is only for 2 pax so if you are serving more portion like maybe 6 you may just multiply it to 3 will do. 

(Photo below are serving for 6pax) 

Alright! When ingredients are ready , let’s get start now ! 

Step 1 
Combined and gently whisk the egg yolks , part of the sugar and vanilla essence

Step 2 
Bring the milk , cream and sugar to boil

Step 3 
Slowly pour the hot cream to the egg mixture. Strain through a mesh sieve

Step 4 
Fill the ramekin with the mixture and bake in a water bath at 150°C for 45 minutes

Step 5 
Remove from oven , put some sugar on top and burn it with fire torch.

It just took you 5 step to complete ! Good luck dear ❤

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